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Eyelash Extensions


Eyelash Extension & Lash Lifting

Classic Eyelash extension: apply 1 quality lash extension to your own lash to create a longer, curler and thicker lash.

Volume eyelash extension: for people who want to have lots of volume, that feel like your own lashes.

What are Volume lashes? apply 2-5 of the thinest light weight extensions to each natural lash in a handmade fan shape.

How are volume lashes different from classic lashes? 1. Volume lashes create a fuller and puffier look than classic extension and you still have a natural feather look that feels light and very soft. 2. Volume lashes last longer than classic extension. 3. Volume lashes give the appearance that you are wearing mascara and eyeliner.

Choose from silk eyelash extensions or faux mink eyelash extensions.

Classic Extension

Silk/faux mink (60-70lashes)-1.15hr                           $135

Mink (60-70lashes)-1.15hr                                            $145

Dramatic classic (80-90lashes)-1.30hr                       $155

Infill                            2wks                    3wks                4wks

Classic :                         30 min                45 min             60min

Silk/faux mink             $65                      $85                   $95

Mink                              $70                      $90                   $110

Dramatic classic          $85                      $95                   $115

*After 4 weeks consider as full set

Volume Extension

Light Volume(100-120lashes)-2hrs                              $170

Medium Volume(180-220lashes)-over 2hrs               $220

Extra Volume(250-300lashes)-over 2.5hrs                 $280

Infill                             3wks                    4wks                5wks

Volume:                      45 min                 60min              75min

Light Volume             $95                       $115                 $150

Medium Volume       $105                     $155                 $190

Extra Volume            $135                     $195                  $250

*After 5 weeks consider as full set

Lash Removal             (20mins)                                     $30

Eye Gel Patch                                                                   $10

Eyelash extensions are a safe and pain free procedure.

Our eyelash technicians have been trained to apply individual lashes so there will be no damage to your natural lashes.


Lash lifting/perming -one shot lash lift

With Elleebana one shot Lash Lift, you’ll have luscious lifted lashes that will last and last in just minutes.

Ditch the DIY lash curler, because with one 30 minute professional lash treatment your lashes can be beautifully lifted, even after showering or swimming for weeks!

While you’re getting your glam on, liven up your new look with a lash tint.

Lash lifting is a great way to give your natural  eyelashes a longer looking appearance with virtually no after care required.

So make your appointment today and get yourself some sexy curves that you’ll be happy to wake up with!

Lash lift                               $75       25 minutes

Lash lift with lash tint       $85     30 minutes